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Mobile Websites – Your website NOW compatible to all mobile devices.

Did you know that more than 35% mobile users browse the Internet using their mobile handsets? Market researchers also predict that mobile web browsing may just be the next internet platform.

Woah! That’s not something we can ignore!

Having a WAP friendly website will soon become a necessity rather than a luxury. We at BrandWeb Direct are aware of the mobile website development technologies and can easily help your business stay abreast with the latest in the market.

We recognise the potential of the mobile website market and have continuously been making efforts to encourage mobile ecommerce services to our clients to ensure that their business grows with the least investments on developing mobile website design.

As a leading mobile website design company, we understand that any mobile website developed should adhere to all internet accessibility guidelines. This is why our professional mobile website designers and mobile web consultants are consistently improving the mobile website services that we offer. Any professional mobile website maker would know that limited screen size is a hindrance that can easily be overcome if there are mobile website design experts in the team.

We design GPRS friendly website for your business which enable users to view your website as it would appear on any standard phone screen. Our mobile compatible website development team ensures that you get a fully working mobile version website with the following features offered during the mobile website development stage:

  1. Creating Mobile Version of Your Existing Website
  2. Building a website compatible with all mobile screen sizes
  3. Developing a website that works on all mobile phone devices.
  4. Pre-Launch Mobile Website Testing

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