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Website Designing and Website Development

BrandWeb Direct is a Website Development Company we aim  high quality and satisfaction standards of our Clients .We provide packages at  reasonable rates which are affordable to our Clients. Apart from Website Designing our Company also specializes as Bespoke Website Development  Company, Social Network Development Company,  and Facebook Application Development Company & SEO Friendly Website Company.  Along with all this our Company has started with their new service of MobileWebsites along with which we also do development of iphone and ipad games


Web Development / Website Designing Services


BrandWeb Direct is amongst the web's leading website development companies.  With the ability to solve simple to complex business problems, we have consistently been recognized as areliable web design company and web development partner. From simple business website to fully managed eCommerce website, from CMS based websites to SEO friendly website, we have managed to design and develop web solutions for all types and volumes of businesses. At BrandWeb Direct, we pride ourselves as a leading custom website consultantand web based application Development Company.

A typical project at BrandWeb Direct goes through the following stages:


  1. Requirement Gathering
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Layout and specifications
  4. Design and Development
  5. Testing
  6. Hosting and Implementation
Our solutions are always business oriented, as we know and believe that in the growth of your business, is ours. We enable effective online business websites for you to completely managed ecommerce solutions.

As a leading website support company, BrandWeb Direct offers the following web development Services:
  1. PHP Web Development
  2. Java Website Development
  3. HTML Website Design
  4. ASP.NET Web Development
Though we provide website technical services on all major platforms and frameworks, our expertise and preference is PHP, because of its advantages over other languages and frameworks. We have the following offerings for PHP Website Development:
  1. PHP: MVC, Ajax, Silverlight
  2. Platforms:  Microsoft, Unix, Linux
  3. Databases: MySQL, MS Sql, Oracle, PostgreSQL, FireBird, Interbase
  4. Frameworks: Symfony, CakePHP, Zend etc
  5. Protocols:  XML, LDAP, IMAP etc
  6. Open Source: X Cart, Joomla, Zen Cart, osCommerce, Drupal, sugarCRM, Magento etc
We offer the following different types of Web Design Services:
  1. Static Web-development
  2. Dynamic Web-Designing
  3. Flash Web-design
  4. Business Website-Designing
  5. Ecommerce Website Designing
  6. Existing Website Redesigning Services
Please contact or live chat with one of our experts to understand what we can do for your business.